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About Us

One Foster Journey at a Time. 

We started with a vision to improve the lives of foster children in our community. The Agape Kids House is more than just a house. It is home-cooked meals, a warm bed, clothes to wear, and a place to take a breath. For children who are going through the most difficult day of their lives, Agape Kids House is home for a moment. We support foster and kinship families in our community through our foster closet, events, and more!




Promote the well-being of children through safe environments while increasing community awareness and support of foster care.

Be a beacon of hope in Southern Indiana for children and youth impacted by neglect, abuse, and family hardship.

Provide a safe and supportive temporary placement in Lawrence County for children awaiting suitable long-term housing.

Our Story

In 2018 the Lawrence County Foster Support Group was started by John & Becky Goller with the idea to make a difference in the lives of Foster Families in the Lawrence County Community. A small foster closet full of clothes, and the dream of opening a home is what led to the Agape Kids House of Lawrence County. 

In 2022 we moved into our current house and opened the door to Foster Children needing a comfortable place while DCS looked for their placement. Since opening in 2022 we have helped over 200 children find comfort during the start of their foster care journey. Through our work, we hope children can find a moment's peace while DCS works to find the best placement possible. 

Meet The Board

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